Light & Healthy Italian Cuisine

Was observing a healthier lifestyle among your New Year’s resolutions again this year? If so, think about including even more healthy Italian cuisine to your diet plan.

Although several individuals today still think Italian food entails hefty recipes loaded with cheese and cream based sauces, the fact is that a Mediterranean diet regimen is a really healthy and balanced one. It is a popular understanding that the Mediterranean diet has several substantial wellness advantages, which includes decreasing the danger of cardiovascular disease and several kinds cancer.

Healthy Italian cuisine includes a wealth of grains, legumes, vegetables, nuts, and fruits. Fish and shellfish likewise play a crucial role in the diet regimen, along with smaller portions of meats, specifically. The most important is that Italian food is prepared primarily with monounsaturated oil, like olive oil, instead of saturated fats.

The Mediterranean diet plan is the healthiest diet regimens available, however it is unfair to call this simply a “diet regimen.” Adopting Italian cuisine is really adopting a lifestyle rather than just changing the menu. For hundreds of years, individuals living along the Mediterranean coastline have actually enjoyed a high-fiber diet regimen of vegetables and fruits that consists of high quality fats, healthy proteins, whole grains, or even in some cases a glass of locally produced wine. This healthy and balanced way of eating is a preventative measure against disease and weight gain. 

Nutrition experts consider the Mediterranean diet one of the most heart-healthy diets there is, rich in anti-inflammatory menu choices built on plant foods and healthy fats. Regrettably, several Italian American dining establishments have actually “Americanized” numerous standard healthy and balanced dishes from Italy by including hefty layers of cheese along with high-calorie sauces. You can however stay clear of these unhealthy versions and enjoy healthier selections.

Preparing Healthy Italian Cuisine

If these realities still do not encourage you to observe an Italian diet regimen as a healthy and balanced option, below are a some suggestions for making much better selections when enjoying Italian foods:


Many antipasti recipes are low in fat, but make your choices wisely. Stay clear of meats, cheeses, as well as fried foods, and select the wiser option of grilled veggies, vegetable-based soups or fish and shellfish. A favored appetizer is crisp, raw veggies with an herb-flavored olive oil dipping sauce.


If pasta dishes concern you, choose a sauce with the main ingredients of vegetables or seafood. At home, if you wish to make your preferred pasta meal healthier, switch out the traditional white flower pasta for whole grain. There are numerous whole grain pasta options readily available. Keep your portion sizes down to about 3.5 oz per serving. Prepare your pasta “al dente” to increase the amount of time it takes to digest and burn more calories. To further enhance your healthier alternative, try grated Pecorino Romano cheese rather than Parmesan cheese as a garnish. Its fuller flavor allows for the use of less cheese.

Experiment with low fat or fat free ricotta and other cheeses. It’s best to start with the low fat options and gradually switch to fat free as the taste is unique and may take a bit of getting used to.


Soups are an excellent healthy, hearty compliment to any meal, and if you select appropriately by picking soups filled with beans, grains, and veggies, you will easily fulfil your daily requirement of fiber, healthy protein, and vitamins. Replace a hearty veggie as well as grain-based soup for a meat entree a few times a week to enhance nutrition content as well as reduce calories.


Pizza is constantly an issue when you are attempting to maintain or reduce your weight. The American version contains 2-3 times more cheese than originally intended. With stuffed crusts, layers of high calorie ingredients, and heavy white sauces, we’ve eliminated many of the healthy benefits. Alternatively, choose a thin or whole grain crust. Sparingly include some fresh mozzarella with grilled vegetables, with lean grilled meats like chicken or perhaps thin slices of prosciutto.

*Stay clear of any type of dish or food selection that has is described as creamy, which often means it has cream added or is derived from a bechamel sauce with butter as its base. Similarly, avoid fried menu items as they will be heavy in both fat and calories. At least, consume them sparingly to preserve your new healthier lifestyle.

*Avoid frying when preparing veggies and opt for grilling or roasting them. Both of these different approaches caramelize the veggies, highlighting the all-natural tastes. If you select a tasty extra virgin olive oil, sufficient flavor results from a small amount, especially if you include small amounts of chicken or vegetable broth.

Fish or Chicken

Making proper entrée selections could reduce a substantial quantity of calories from your dishes. Grilled or baked fish and chicken are better choices than beef. Maintain small portions, as well as include whole grains and veggies to complete the meal. No need to entirely relinquish steak if you really enjoy it. Rather, cut it into thin slices and offer over a bed of crisp arugula, gently drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with coarse sea salt.


Dessert options should be picked from fruit-based options without heavy sauces. Try peaches soaked in red wine or grilled pineapple with yogurt for a new style treat.

If you decide the lighter side of Italian cuisine is the best choice for your new, healthier lifestyle, don’t be afraid to experiment with the various flavors and preparation techniques applicable to these foods. We believe you’ll find the choices limited only by your imagination. Enjoy!


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