For pizza lovers, the best part of October is that it’s National Pizza Month! So, yes-we have an excuse to eat all the pizza we want to celebrate it. But when did October become National Pizza Month here in the United States? Who designated it so, and why did they choose October as the month to show your love for pizza? 

October is National Pizza Month!

The History of National Pizza Month

Gerry Durnell was the creator of National Pizza Month. This observance began in October 1984 when Durnell did it, while he was establishing a magazine recognizing our love for self-rising pizza, thin crust pizza, whole wheat pizza dough, gluten free pizza dough, and pretty much all things pizza. That magazine was called Pizza Today, and its first issue was published in October of that year. So it only seemed appropriate for Durnell to name that month as National Pizza Month. But he had another motive for creating an entire month dedicated to pizza.

Durnell was a pizzeria owner in the small town of Santa Claus, Indiana when he realized there were no periodicals or tradeshow publications to support his growing pizza business or the industry in general. Since he created a pizza-themed magazine, as well as started an official month to celebrate this wonderful food, served his purposes perfectly and solved the problem.

In 1987, the U.S. Congress officially designated October as National Pizza Month, and Americans have been celebrating by indulging in ooey-gooey cheese, a variety of toppings and mouthwatering crusts ever since.

October is the time to show your love for pizza!

National Pizza Month in October gives us all month long to explore the world of pizza and all the flavors it offers. Some people celebrate National pizza month by consuming various types of pizzas, pizza slices, or going to various pizzerias. During the month, restaurants and pizzerias across the country are offering its customers fun ways to celebrate. From discounts to contests awarding free pizza, even donations proceeding of pizza sales to benefit various organizations or charities. In addition, some pizzerias create unique pizzas that they don’t routinely offer. So, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this observance all month long. We have an excuse to celebrate the delectable and satisfying meal that is pizza.

Therefore, pizza deserves this holiday because it is one of the greatest foods to ever be created! Come in and celebrate with us all month long!!!



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