Espresso or Drip Coffee?

If you’re looking for that morning jolt, which would you prefer, Espresso or Drip?

While most of us know Espresso carries a higher caffeine level, a single ounce containing about 40mg of caffeine versus a single ounce of standard drip coffee approximately 10mg; we would need to adjust the comparison to acknowledge portion size.

Espresso Seems Higher in Caffeine

A double espresso is roughly 2oz, containing about 80mg of caffeine and a 12oz drip coffee contains 120mg.  That’s quite a difference, especially if you’re opting for the 16oz Grande or the 31oz Trenta size.

To further complicate your decision, there are many attributes to be considered, for instance, the type of bean in your brew, how long it was brewed at what temperature, type of roast and percentage of blend, naming just a few.

A significant factor typically overlooked would be the rate of assimilation.  Espresso is usually consumed much more quickly than even a 12oz coffee and will, therefore afford a quicker absorption of caffeine into your system, giving you a more rapid energy jolt.  Whatever size of standard brew you enjoy, it will take you longer to drink it and subsequently longer to feel the effect.

Ultimately, the decision rests with your personal preference.  Do you want your coffee to last awhile or are you more interested in the instant lift an espresso will provide?  Make your choice accordingly!

Cappuccino Etiquette

The Italians have standards and appropriate times to enjoy a cappuccino.  There is an acceptable proper time and way to enjoy coffee drinks in Italy.

A Brief History

Today’s version has been evolving since the 1700s, descending from a coffee drink called “Kapuziner” originating in Vienna.  Described as coffee with cream and sugar, the resulting color of the brew was responsible for its name.  Capuchin monks of the time wore robes of a similar shade.

The modern version cappuccino arrived in northern Italy around 1930, evolving over the following decades to take on variations such as the addition of steamed milk froth.

Today, a standard cappuccino is a double shot of espresso with a steamed milk froth (about 2 centimeters of milk foam on top) at a temperature between 60-70 degrees Celsius.  There are further variations, manipulating the amounts of steamed milk and foam, but that’s the starting point.

No Breakfast Beverages after Noon!

While coffee is an acceptable beverage throughout the day, cappuccino is considered unacceptable after the noon hour.  The concept of pouring milk over lunch or dinner foods, especially tomatoes, is regarded by Italians as an eating blunder.

Some acceptable options for afternoon coffee, according to Italian guidelines, are caffè macchiato caldo (an espresso with a bit of steamed milk on top) and caffè marocchino (similar to the caffè macchiato).  There’s also caffè al ginseng (a creamy coffee with ginseng), caffè con panna (coffee with whipped cream on top), or caffè corretto (espresso with a bit of liquor, usually sambuca or grappa).

Enjoy as you Like!

Here at home, feel free to drink your coffee how you want it, when you want it, but if you ever visit the country where coffee was invented, do yourself a favor and follow their rules!



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