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Italian Restaurants Allen Tx

Why You Should Cook With Healing Herbs

Naturally Healing Herbs and Spices Herbs and spices have more uses than make food taste fantastic! We are all aware that cooks and chefs everywhere use herbs and spices in their cuisine, to affect the taste, or for preserving, and of course for pleasant presentation. However, we have learned to be prepared to fully appreciate

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Italian Cuisine – Tasty Pastas & Sauces

Italian Cuisine – The History of Pasta and the Pasta Maker Pasta and the pasta maker have had a long and vibrant history. Historical evidence shows we have been consuming pasta for over two thousand years. The carvings of ancient Etruscan tombs reflect what appears to be some of the first

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5 Reasons Why to Eat Healthy Italian Food

Five Healthy Reasons to Eat Italian Food The most delectable food finds its roots in Italy.  Their cuisine is an art form, every meal caters to a mix of colors and shapes, a delight to the eyes as well as the palette.  It represents their culture as a whole, reflecting

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Pasta Great and Small

Pasta Options Beyond the famous spaghetti and elbow pasta, there are numerous shapes of pasta from which to choose.  Typically made with the same base ingredients, but each shape has characteristics that make them unique and the perfect pairing for your favorite sauce.  Along with the listed pasta shapes, we’ve

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Traditional Italian Food

A Traditional Italian Food: Amatriciana or Matriciana? Which came first and which tastes better?! The well-known dish Amatriciana, also known as Matriciana, bears a long and fascinating history.  Some claim the dish originated in Amatrice, in the central region of Italy.  The story goes that it was brought to Rome

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Is Espresso or Drip Coffee Higher in Caffeine?

Espresso or Drip Coffee? If you’re looking for that morning jolt, which would you prefer, Espresso or Drip? While most of us know Espresso carries a higher caffeine level, a single ounce containing about 40mg of caffeine versus a single ounce of standard drip coffee approximately 10mg; we would need

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The Diversity of Italian Cuisine

Italian Cuisine is much more diverse than just Pizza When we think of Italian food, most of us think pizza or pasta, but that misses the mark.  With roots reaching back to antiquity, authentic Italian food is all about the ingredients, put together to create rustic, simple and fresh cuisine.

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Authentic Fettuccine Alfredo

Is Fettuccine Alfredo an Authentic Italian Dish? The fettuccini alfredo available at our restaurant in Allen, that we as Americans consider an eminently Italian dish has an interesting story behind it from which the “Alfredo” derives. Italians actually have no idea who Alfredo is for the most part and are

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